Never Underestimate The Influence Of Money Finance

You down I guess I’m being truthful I don’t see why you need to Pat me down just go ahead and hop off and I’ll just I have the Ar buckle nigga like them both or not involved no I I know that Josh went to go pick me we got a run or something.

why they panic Money Finance you know you got anything on you nope all right go ahead and hop back on your bike just leave it off we’ll get this cleared up we gotta figure this out it’s not good an ass bugs what we’re gonna do but his headphones muted so.

Experience Of This Year’s Money Finance

I can’t do that so Money Finance what happened was we were over here when I got to hear this Alex they were getting ready to go in there in the air one and this individual walked up to us and said that a few individuals and identical descriptions white male one of them.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Money Finance

Has a spiky helmet and goggles on which matches that guy to a tee bright and rotten round together so Money Finance they said that they pulled.

A switch play on him it said if you want protection you got to pay us bucks a week but you should have not have done that switchblade bullshit is that what is yeah because the kid the guy that was no we both of the people that we extorted tit so with the fruit fan and the season are you close to your bike because he’s the art piece coming down.

To the scene and he’s gonna identify us once he does we’re going to jail okay well but which one is it is it the I think it’s the fruit stand no no because they said when these when the I had a know it might be the mechanic leaving they said route I have no idea it’s maybe the mechanic those two guys that we rolled up on but I gave them the Switchblade and they’re saying that we assaulted them.