The Most Innovative Things Happening With Managed Cloud Solutions.

Managed Cloud Solutions

This has been the mask for utilities for production should you wish your contractors because that details are on there you receive a recording of this webinar through your email same time tomorrow next session for the ask Bob production will be everything you wanted to know about high availability but we’re afraid to ask registration details will be forwarded to you until now as thank you again and until next time goodbye.

The rounds of done in the history of the WON well the love downstairs well yesterday was actually the momenta stakes that’s when it arrived but today we’re officially launch units persons talking presence before we go downstairs and look at it I have presents well present and excuse me this has come from time team who has a game channel here on ah or white you oh yeah so he does mainly pick up videos which is doing quite well so go check out there’s a link below.

Managed Cloud Solutions

The video as you remind you at the end of this video to go and check out yes and he has addressed it correctly well done well done right gotta wonder what is in home in some ah here it is and he gained Blocker now he’s got this but you didn’t well he doesn’t use it because there’s some scratches on the screen you thought maybe I could replace the screen and you just dispersed or as a working model.

I’ve never actually held a game boy color before and this is what was actually quite late you have to get some games of Managed Cloud Solutions this cuss they ain’t got any games and even for the game itself I only have one one game sir thank you very much thank you you go check out his gaming charm and people stop nagging me about the cuff I know what the cause of the coffers and they’re not much we can do about it.

Managed Cloud Solutions

We’ll have to put up with it I’ll put up with it for years now I’m gonna have to keep putting up with it so what any who it’s time to go visit the TAR-DIS the pride of the collection you’ve notes not working at them probably won’t work for quite a while we’ll go round to that in a moment so first of all get to do something we’ve never done before breaking new boundaries on the channel we’re gonna rotate the screen on my camera.

Now we’re going to tip the camera off the tripod and we’re gonna go and have a look who else thought of you look at my Antarctica picture outside of my love there’s my talk it in there’s no or pops but fuddle no see not the whole let’s pretend scream up around focus on me focus on me to the room because it’s too heavy there so it’s gotta stay down here in the living room under screen again there’s a sealed terminal pinata rescued him from the surgeon death my little workstation but I do all my videos and everything hmm as the joysticks there’s some flowers for whitey only no you must not see yet I shall block off all the way.